“We have recently teamed up with Welink Group, one of Perth’s leading property developers, as the energy provider of choice to design, build, install and maintain ‘green’ energy solutions for their latest development, Skypark in Leederville,” Mr Tinline said.

Source is a Western Australian-based utility company dedicated to providing cleaner, greener, and more affordable energy to its customers.

To do this, Source builds, owns, operates, and maintains integrated energy networks enabling us to deliver a superior supply of electricity and service to our customers. These integrated energy networks typically incorporate advanced energy infrastructure, such as roof top solar photovoltaics (PV), battery storage, and smart metering.

Welink Director Sam Zhao with Source Energy Co. Projects and Technology General Manager Nathan Tinline and Sales General Manager Lee Morris at the Skypark Apartment complex, Leederville, WA.

Rather than just stepping in to sell hardware at the start or electricity to consumers once the building is commissioned Source’s unique approach enables developers to achieve better design outcomes while ensuring customers have access to optimised energy solutions for years to come.

Mr Tinline said the five-storey development had chosen the energy solution offered by Source, even though construction was almost complete, and another energy supplier was in place.

“During the construction phase, Welink opted for the energy solution that provided the greatest benefit to the future residents, the strata, and the developer – our offering. This meant a re-design and upgrade of the building’s internal electrical infrastructure, beginning with the removal of the existing equipment.” Mr Tinline said.

“This is Source’s second electrical infrastructure upgrade of an existing project, with Source installing meters for 31 residential apartments and one commercial tenancy.

“We tailor our energy solutions to suit the individual project, factoring in aspects such as building size, anticipated electricity load, potential for on-site energy generation and storage, and how the improvements will integrate and compliment Western Power’s wider electricity network.”

As well as the smart metering upgrade, Source is installing a 33kW solar system on the roof, which will enable Source to reduce energy tariffs to occupants and provide additional value to the owners.

Mr Tinline said these energy infrastructure upgrades provide substantial value to the developer, make electricity cheaper for residents, and help provide financial gains for owners –a win for all parties involved.

“Smart metering, combined with Source’s proprietary software, HotSourceTM, allows Source customers to track their energy use and costs in near real time. This is a great tool that puts the consumer in control of their energy use,” he said.

Welink Director Sam Zhao said the five levels of architecturally striking apartments have been meticulously designed with sophistication, style and a reduced carbon footprint in mind, which also helps residents with their power bills.

“Welink Group is proud of its innovative approach when it comes to developing apartments and houses,” Mr Zhao said.

“Working with Source Energy on our latest project, has been a crucial element of the development.

“Source has made the process very simple for the developer and the builder. The private metering and solar setup are cost-neutral to the developer and builder, cheaper to run for the residences and strata manager, and everyone is happy that we are using renewable energy.

“Welink Group plan to engage Source as the energy supplier, in its future projects, including using batteries when possible.”

Mr Tinline said Source looks forward to working with Welink and their future developments, where integrated energy networks help deliver cleaner, more affordable energy to residents across Perth.




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