The Source team have recently completed WA’s first energy Upgrade for a building of 24 apartments in Rockingham.

Source Energy Co. (Source) General Manager Alexander Bruce, said this is precisely why Source was created – to provide cleaner, affordable and more innovative energy solutions to its customers in Western Australia.

“Adding value to the community, our customers and our planet is what we stand for,” Mr Bruce said.

“The AEMC forecasts predict a 6 per cent increase for Western Australian consumers by 2022, which represents around $100 for the average household.

If this is the case, there is no better time for owners and developers to look at other options, which will help futureproof apartments, help households’ back-pocket long-term and help the planet.”

The report looks at the combined price of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and retail as well as impacts of government’s policy.

Mr Bruce said energy is an essential component to all development projects, and there is plenty to be gained by doing it the right way.

“Source provides a complete turn-key energy solution…”

He said developers’ top questions include; is there value for money choosing other energy solutions, is it easy and will it add value to the development or apartment long-term?

“And the answer is yes,” Mr Bruce said.

“With reports estimating higher prices in the future, adding value to developments, with smart building features such as lower electricity tariffs and lower common area costs, and improves resale value – it is certainly a win.

“Source provides a complete turn-key energy solution working with developers through all stages that creates a more sustainable future that is more than just solar PV system.”

Source is a Western Australian-based company dedication to providing cleaner, affordable and more innovative energy solutions to its customers, which designs, builds, owns and operates Integrated Energy Networks.

Source was founded in 2016 with a goal to deliver renewable energy, using a combination of grid electricity and solar energy to apartment developments, while addressing consumers’ needs for greater control over their costs and ensuring stability in the broader energy network.

Source is part of the ATCO group of companies, which bring decades of knowledge and support to ensure strength, safety and security to the projects we work on.




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