Integrated Green Energy Solutions

Source Energy provides cleaner, innovative and more affordable energy solutions.

You may have heard of ‘Integrated Energy Network’ or ‘Embedded Energy Network’ and thought they sounded like the same thing. While both power apartment buildings and other multi-tenant buildings, there are several differences, which can ultimately affect the end user’s bill and value of the building.

Embedded Energy Networks operate with the owner of a site buying energy from an energy retailer and then on selling the energy to the customers at the site.

Source designs, builds, owns and operates Integrated Energy Networks. While you are focusing on achieving the best outcomes for the building, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of the projects energy needs.

As a renter or owner, you should benefit from the electricity delivered from the sun.

Source provides a complete turn-key sustainable energy solution working with you through all stages of your project.

More affordable, greener energy right from the Source.

An Integrated Energy Network, means more opportunity to improve and upgrade the energy usage by bringing modern technology into your building. Source Energy can introduce the following options for more green initiatives for new builds or as part of our refurbishment program.

  • Battery Energy Storage System
  • EV Charger
  • Smart Meters
  • Photovoltaics
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Source is always looking at innovative ways to reduce the energy consumption within the building, which is really refreshing, they don’t just set it up and walk away. What I found about Source is they are always coming back to the building and looking at ways to drive down energy consumption within the scheme.

Scott Bellerby, B Strata

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