Technology. Value driven for a sustainable future.

The focus at Source Energy is bringing value to our customers, the community and planet through advanced technology and processes. Explore the technology that Source Energy provides to upgrade and update your approach to consuming energy more sustainably.

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Hot Source Billing

Your more efficient energy provider.

Created with customers in mind, we understand customers are looking for ease, convenience and a better understanding of their energy usage. Hot Source offers “real-time” energy dashboards, ease of billing and customer interaction at every level of the service cycle.

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Did you know?

Owner occupiers, tenants and landlords agree that real time energy monitoring to track electricity consumption and generation will help them to understand and therefore reduce energy use.

of consumers value real time energy monitoring.

Benefits Of Hot Source

Easier Account Access

Transparency of Energy Usage

Simplified Billing Processes

Battery Energy Storage Systems

A more economical approach to energy consumption.

A battery energy storage system is the future of sustainable energy use within your building, ensuring that all energy generated is being utilised.

How It Works

A battery energy storage system will store the excess solar electricity rather than feeding it back into the grid. Allowing energy to be used by all residents, including within common areas of the building at different times of the day, depending on when energy is in highest demand.

Source Energy can install a battery energy storage system at any time and will optimise the design for the structure in an economic way.

Paired with our HotSource Dashboard system, a battery energy storage system provides a greener alternative when it comes to powering your home.

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Electric Vehicle Charger

Delivering more sustainable energy solutions to your home.

Electric vehicles are becoming sought after as society shifts into being more mindful regarding our energy usage. Source Energy can oversee the installation of an electric vehicle charger into your building, including the supply of the electric vehicle charger, liaising on the technical engineering and design to ensure the infrastructure can support the charger and managing all the billing involved.

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Smart Meters

Providing authentic insights into energy consumption.

Source Energy is driven by providing a more sustainable alternative to delivering energy into homes. Part of this service is through giving their customers better understanding of their energy consumption, delivered by their Smart Meters.

How It Works

Our Smart Meters measure and store electricity usage data in increments of time; this is then communicated through to our customers via their HotSource Dashboard. From this, customers are able to see their energy consumption in real-time, helping them understand and readjust their usage. A more visible, empowering way to access electricity.

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Harnessing the power of the sun into renewable energy.

We’re fortunate enough in Australia to have access to different forms of renewable energy, one of the more powerful resources being solar energy. Source energy applies photovoltaics to convert light into electricity using semiconducting materials.


  • Affordable energy
  • Annual rebates to the Council of Owners
  • Sustainable electricity


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