Cleaner Energy for Rentals & Apartments

Solar energy is becoming more and more accessible as people discover the sustainable benefits of harnessing the sun’s natural energy. 

As the first company within Western Australia to combine solar power with grid energy into an integrated energy network, you could say we’re experts in this field. Whether you’re a renter or a landlord,  we’ve created the ultimate guide to step you through our process from start to finish, including the environmental and financial benefits plus a few tips on convincing your landlord and council of owners to get on board.

Installing a Solar PV system in an apartment building or complex.

The world of solar energy is rapidly expanding, with numerous offerings popping up every day, so knowing where to start can be the hardest step. 

At Source Energy, we’re about making energy easy! 

We assess each potential project, determining the eligibility, factoring in the number of occupants and energy consumption, and the building itself, ensuring that you will get the maximum benefits.

Our diverse range of energy saving solutions allows us to take a flexible approach to every project, with extensive options for existing buildings to new builds.

Benefits of Source Energy Solar.

Solar power is the bright spark lighting our way to a clean energy future. The positive impacts of utilising sustainable energy don’t stop at helping the environment; there are many direct benefits for both tenants and owners of a building.  

Source Energy’s innovative integrated energy network allows you to access energy from the grid network and Solar generated onsite, reducing overall energy costs, that’s just the beginning.

Installing a Source Energy Solar integrated Energy Network in your building means you have a constant partner in energy. We consistently monitor, provide maintenance during our yearly service, and, if necessary, upgrade the technology installed in your building. 

We developed our HotSource app to be your own “real-time” energy dashboard as a way to allow occupiers to comprehend your property’s energy usage better. This technology allows you to view your energy consumption levels, adjust your behaviour, empowering you to shift towards a more sustainable future.

Existing Buildings:

Introducing a solar integrated energy network into an existing commercial or residential structure requires evaluating the existing building to determine the optimal solution for tenants and owners.

We know that the roof space on most apartment buildings is limited. That’s why in our initial approach and design, we always consider this to ensure your building design works with our Solar PV system, maximising the amount of energy generated!

Our solution; to install a Battery Energy Storage System. This piece of technology stores the unused energy produced throughout the day, reserving it for a time when you’ll need to use it. For example, most energy usage within apartment buildings will occur outside daylight hours; a Battery Energy Storage System facilitates this for residents, so you can run the aircon guilt free after a long day at work.

Each of our solar integrated energy network is tailored to the specific requirements of your building, ensuring that our system will generate energy for you in the most efficient way possible.

New Builds:

When we get the green light to integrate our energy network into a new building, we manage the project from design consultation to construction completion and ongoing maintenance support. We ensure that we’re present for the initial planning stages and the installation, guaranteeing that you get the maximum benefits from the solar energy produced by our technology.

Upon project completion, we continue to deliver expert consultation support services to maximise the benefits of the embedded energy network and overall buildings performance. By continuing this support, all stakeholders from strata managers and occupiers maintain a comprehensive understanding of how the integrated energy network will consistently deliver clean energy directly to you every day!

Is it possible to lease or rent panels?

While it is possible to rent panels, this isn’t something that we offer at Source Energy. We look to implement long-term energy solutions, viewing our relationship with consumers more as a partnership to provide the best deal in terms of sustainability and finances. 

As we’ve touched on, a considerable benefit of having a Source Energy Solar integrated energy network includes innovative technology such as the Battery Energy Storage System and the HotSource Billing app, which allow for more efficient energy usage management.

How to get Source Energy in your Building.

When approaching your Landlord or Council of Owners about installing a Solar Integrated Energy Network into your building, we find it helpful, to begin with, the benefits including; CAPEX free upgrade, annual rebates, and the 360 management we provide, plus that it’s a low hassle time investment for COC and strata! 

An important step in introducing solar energy to your building is to ensure that you have the approval of the strata processes & bylaws that govern your structure’s operation. Researching these ahead of time will flag any questions or potential road bumps, hopefully reducing any potential concerns or hesitations.

Taking a step towards having solar installed into your building is a step towards facilitating a more sustainable future. Contact the team at Source Energy to begin the conversation today.